Monday, October 01, 2007

Nationale Plakat kunst

Only fools repeat fools

"I, having been elected a Member of Parliament do swear by ... (solemnly affirm) that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Trinidad and Tobago, I will uphold the Constitution and the law, and will conscientiously and impartially discharge the responsibilities to the people of Trinidad and Tobago upon which I am about to enter."

The stencil of the man with his hand raised is the Prime Minster of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago, a Democratic and Independent state will send its citizens to vote in general elections, November, 2007.

The graffiti artist responsible for this work has included the
swastika from Sanskrit which is an equilateral cross with its arms that form at right angle. The symbol was part of the Flag of the National Socialist German Workers Party from 1920-1945. Top; a stenciled image of a politician on a wall in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Below; Detail of the work. This and other types of graffiti are popping up around Port of Spain in the efforts to encourage people to think before electing just for electing sake.

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Anonymous said...

The stencil of Patrick Manning as
The Furer is very upsetting to me. It is important because it tells us about the level of democracy in Trinidad and Tobago.

But in typical fashion for us, we
do not seem to understand the atrocities that we toss like candy, about as though we want such legacies. I understand what the stenciller is trying to say, that Manning has been heavy handed and dictatorial, but he is no furer.

The comparison is not only unfair but downright stupid.

Spade said...

Hi. I'm the guy responsible for these stencils... apparently people are calling me "Spade" so I'll stick to that name.

I appreciate your comment. I have a close Austrian friend who at first got sore at me for my art-piece for the same reason you described so I do know where you're coming from.

The thing is you need to know where I'M coming from.

Comparing Patrick Manning to Hitler was a DELIBERATE exaggeration. Sometimes it's not enough to just say or suggest something. Sometimes the only way to get through to others is to SCREAM it. I was after shock-value. I wanted it to be offensive. I wanted the negative-attention. I wanted people to get so agitated that they'd desperately try to hide it and cover it up (which they did).

Why??... Because attention is attention. Because even if they don't like it, the shock of it will make people realise my message and also help propagate my message. And it's a message that I firmly believe is my duty as a free-thinking, democratic Trini to communicate.

I am not sorry I upset you, no.

It's a pity that you think it's stupid, but again I apprecite your comment and thank you for expressing it.

All the best.

sade said...

A question for Spade
What made you decide to start doing graffiti?i am An art student doing a research paper on Graffiti in Trinidad, so an answer would be most helpful.


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