Saturday, September 29, 2007

Che's - Zen Poster Process

Recently, Che Lovelace celebrated the first year of his weekly Deejay jigs at the roof top of Zen discotheque in Port of Spain, Trinidad. As the promotional invitation to the event, The Amateurs, Lovelace executes a series of posters which are compiled through, photography or his general observations at the club. The drawings may be a gestural figurative sketch capturing a moment of intimacy between people.Che Lovelace has a methodical approach to his work, and he is aways looking at ways to expand his technique. From his early confined compositions, his posters now comprise of a detailed crop from a larger drawing. The painting shown here seems to resemble the Queen's Park Savannah superimposed with stenciled blades of grass. The forms are simpler and layered as if it is a screen print. Where he may push this process further is to reduce it just to lines.

Lovelace begins by; I start in a area and slowly begin the process of markings through a stencil. This may expand across the board, and then I will crop what works best. This means that some thought is involved, rather than the quick slap-dash approach which he had experimented with before. With this work, a section for the particular poster is removed from the panel, and the remaining painting may be reused in future deejaying engagements. Either way, Lovelace shows his passion as a painter with activities such as deejaying or surfing that are on the periphery of his calling.

Upper photograph, an invite Amateur Poster courtesy of Che Lovelace. Lower photograph, the work in progress at his studio, Trinidad, courtesy of Che Lovelace. See his solo exhibition for 2008, his four year journey into painting ***

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