Sunday, May 13, 2007

Microscopic Art - Darling where is the Matchbox ?

Oh how sweet the mind of the absurd, and the ills of intellectual distraction

In a 1995 BBC interview Willard Wigan explains: "Being a child I used to start making houses for ants because I thought they needed somewhere to live."

Many years ago, thebookmann had seen a report on Willard Wigan, a British artist with a learning disability but who had an unique yet bizarre gift. A deep fascination for miniature sculptures which he could craft from a grain of rice.

Mr. Wigan's sculptures are simple and literal. He has replicated Evis, the Statue of Liberty and the Titanic among other kitsch memorabilia. Two days ago, his 70 item collection was purchased for 11 million British pounds or 112 million TT dollars. This proves that if you have a genuine passion for what you love, and there are people who appreciate what you do, the rewards for your efforts may astonish you. It is determined that the entire collection can fit into a matchbox. - thebookmann

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