Monday, May 14, 2007

The Kodak Virtual Moment - Flickr

People strive for fame or the urge for sex, but above all, they want to voice their ideas without intrusive censorship, the internet allows a truer history of who we are from those who have filtered it in the past.

Bones, " Computer bring up the Flickr data from the turn of the twentieth century"

If you were asked to explain what Flickr is, it could be described as being the operator of a film developing machine, where snap shots of the lives of people are constantly in motion.
Yet, with the popularity of Blogger and Youtube, the internet conglomerates are cashing in on the future by storing all of the information that are passed onto them. If you read the Terms and Agreement it says that Flickr collects personal information when you register with Flickr to use Flickr services or to post content on Flickr. People are less concerned with the policy, and more eager to share their work or kept it as a record on the internet. Nothing more or less is expected but rather it is following in the footsteps of Google by organizing and making information universally accessible. And in time, it would accurately portray the world by recording mankind through his own words through stills and moving images - The truest possible democracy ever conceived.

Storing your ideas for future deeds

The images that are inset with this post are from via The Library of Congress and Pingnews hosted on Flickr. It is a sample of the power of internet and accessibility of information. This is a glimpse into the past and present though historic photography which has shaped our world. In fifty years or so, the world as we see it will come to understand that all the possibilities we strived for will be in reach through a wearable wireless module. -thebookmann


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