Sunday, May 13, 2007

Grandstand - The end of the Big Yard

A new bed may not rock as sweet
The history of the Queen's Park Savannah and its
Grandstand goes as far back as 1947. The horse racing stand has a earlier history from 1897, but the 1947 structure has been the venue for Trinidad and Tobago's major ceremonial events and the centre stage of its Carnival.

The photograph to your left depicts the demise of the Grandstand, and beyond the steel rafters, the mounted wooden stage once was erected. The stage itself trots memories which cannot be transcribed, yet every living Trinidadian and Tobagoian knowns that crossing it was a rite of passage. -thebookmann


Stefan Falke said...

I have crossed that famous stage many times, but not, as one might expect, as a tourist during carnival celebrations, but as a jogger all the mornings after, usually at 6 am, when the stage was still littered with empty bottles and the glittering pieces of costumes. The sun would come up and I would feel like a million dollars crossing that stage all by myself, where thousands had crossed the day and night before...well, well, times change and will continue to change. And so do places like this wonderfull 'Big Yard', which I truely miss already.

thebookmann said...

Particularly, the Northstand which had an atmosphere during the Panorama finals. If you recall, the stands used to sway side to side. I am not sure it would happen again.


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