Saturday, May 12, 2007

Prehmnath's Hillman Hunter Minx

Hot boy and his Benz

Prehmnath Dookhoo stands proudly next to his Hillman Hunter Minx. The 1967 model has passed hands from five previous owners, and Mr. Dookhoo the last, has owned the light green car for over twenty years.

Under the hood, the modified Minx operates with a Nassan 180b engine with a chain belt. And knowing the ins and out of his baby, Prehmnath has machine shop parts for it and he says with great confidence, if the car stalled on the highway it would most lightly be the points, or gas. A problem he can solved and be quickly on his way. Other newer cars use computers, you can't fix it.

The hunter does not have the perks of an modern vehicle, and inside it has taken a beating. But the owner loves it anyway, just bounce him and you'll see why. You may have to replace your entire car while Mr. Dookhoo may polish his bumper with a bit of Slivo. And with a few taillight spares at home, he can fit one in just in case a mishap occurs. -thebookmann


Dre said...


alot of memories from this post seeing that both my dad and granddad has various hunters throughout the years...

Anonymous said...

The car colour schemes seem more adventurous back then. Or maybe pastels were 'in'. Nowadays nobody would be caught dead driving an egg-shell blue / cyan coloured car. My grandfather's Hunter sported a paint-job that reminded me of a pack of du Maurier cigarettes, for instance. At least the basic-black never goes out of fashion.

thebookmann said...

Mr. Dookhoo had so much spunk that I believe that he was a Saga Boy in his village, and still is in his Hunter Minx. I not sure if you noticed, but he is smoking a fag.

I do love the word egg shell, as with his two tone car. An earlier post on a vintage ford car shows a similar decor, blue and white.


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