Friday, May 11, 2007

Chairs - the Trinidad Aesthetic

These are the variations of the Moris chair which represented Trinidad and Tobago in better times. In many older homes, Trinidadians still keep the traditions of inviting friends over to enjoy a drink as they recline on a Moris chair and take in the view. The drawing room set shown here where built by prisoners from the royal jail in Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies.


Chennette said...

oh, I love the Morris chairs! My parents' set was refurbished and I did new cushions and took them with me to Guyana.

Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to wax nostalgic about these chairs as it can be habit-forming to bemoan the loss of something old and so full of character. But Holy Orthopaedic Origami Batman! For which trapezoid-shaped E.T.s were these chairs designed for?!

thebookmann said...

I have been in homes where there are beautifully designed Morris chairs, but it is difficult to find a carpenter to reproduce them. I am not sure what has happen? We've lost the pleasures of being ourselves.


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