Thursday, May 10, 2007

Selling your soul to the devil - Oil and money do mix

A note to architects or draftsmen, when did the state of Florida have jurisdiction over you?

This structure with its lovely filigree wood trim and shingled roof once occupied the lot at the corner of St. Vincent and Prince Street, Port of Spain. It was the home to lawyers and doctors or some sort of bureaucratic agency. Quaint as it seemed, the conditions inside appeared unfit to live in. Then suddenly, the building was condemned and remained abandon for some time until the eventful day it imploded onto the pavement.

If you walk along the streets of our Capital, be mindful of the gapping holes which are filled with tyres or sticks to alert you so you don't fall in. The piles of litter or pools of dried urine left by the homeless and the disappearance of old buildings that gave the city its charm.

Aiming to capture the title of the financial hub of the Caribbean, common landmarks in the city are being sold for the almighty dollar, and are being replaced by conglomerates who have seized the opportunity for prized locations with no incentive of the aesthetics of our island. And slowly, what we thought was ours, is gently been pulled beneath us. -thebookmann

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