Saturday, July 22, 2006

Trinidad Graffiti

Hey, you sleeping here

Graffiti and a homeless man at an abandoned NP gas station in St. James, Trinidad, West Indies.

When this photograph was taken, a homeless man was sleeping on a cardboard box next to mounts of garbage and filth. It is an accurate representation of the level of vagrancy which Trinidad and Tobago is experiencing as it becomes a part of who we are.

The Graffiti on the wall of this bay reads L O U S E. At first the typography was difficult to decipher as it was thought to be J U I C E. This work has been removed. See clues to the word and other forms of graffiti by the Artists and as thebookmann header


Anonymous said...

probably just some louse havin fun

Amanda said...

How funny.. i do believe it actually says "Louse".. there have been many of these popping up around port-of-spain, trincity, and the westmoorings area. Incredibly interesting.

Anonymous said...

It does say Louse. Louse is a grafitti artist whose work is all over Trinidad. Don't know his or her identity but the artwork is fantastic. (I'm not Louse by the way...)


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