Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Whimsical Intuitive Art - Trinidad and Tobago

A series of paintings from a street artist who lets his imagination wonder in the world at the time of Christopher Columbus , Port of Spain, Trinidad

If Art could speak from the walls across Port of Spain, they would whisper; This is damm good Art. So the bookman has posted a few examples of work that expresses the true essence of an Artist. No matter their circumstances, their passion stands out by a whimsical approach to defuse the jargon towards contemporary meaning, and by showing a purer approach towards visual and social interpretation rendered in full public view. This is wall work in progress with a message of hope and resolution: Mohawks and like "Botticelli's birth of Venus," a figure of a face blowing into the Galley's mast. See his earlier drawings

A stencil of infant and young boy crying by the street artist Louse, left in abandon places throughout Port of Spain

The people who create street art are usually outsiders in society. Unlike the major cities of the world, these unsung dabblers in creating will never get any recognition for what they do. Some artists may observe the work, people on the streets may know who they are, but many of them are mentally ill, homeless or both. They draw and paint for the joy and desire of it. the Bookman and I find their work worthy of documentation and their names worthy of knowing. This time we have come across delicate stencils of babies. Recently adult murders are taking a back seat to child murder and abuse and these sensitive spray painted cut-outs are powerful in that context. - Adele

Embah’s intuitive paintings and sculptures are uniquely his own, and his work gives a glimpse of the Trinidad and Tobago with his sharp and whimsical commentary. The painting of this obelisk affirms his artistic doctrine; Knowledge is proud that he knows so much, Wisdom is humble that he know no more

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