Thursday, December 29, 2005

Isle of the Humming Bird

Land of the Humming bird, Trinidad West Indies

Along Victoria Avenue, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies, a wall drawing emphasizes the significance of the fast pace state of the island. An graffiti artist has drawn Trinidad and Tobago in retrospection, and of its pursuit for progress.

This is a Trinidad and Tobago with its new breed of inhabitants briskly walking forward to a new vocation and also neglecting whats around him on the way to his success. The wall drawing is preliminary in pencil and traced over with a crayon to give it a permanence. The artist has composed it perfectly within inner frame of a concrete wall and the work is of an aristocrat as he looks upon the future with a glazed contemplation. It is a proud portrait showing hardship, doubt and stillness.

A stenographer tells his tale: “What really going on" and uses the lip of the concrete frame to give the illusion of peeping through a window frame

No entry tickets are required to view this work of art, just set your foot to the streets off New-Town and to vacant wall fa├žade before the developers of progress move in and whitewash a poignant artwork away. -
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A female companion joins the wall

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