Sunday, July 23, 2006

Real Prosperity In Barbering

Sharp as a scissors - Daddy ow

A painting of a hair clipper and crew cut on the wall of Prosperity Barber Salon, Eastern Main Road, Trinidad and Tobago while inside, Sharp trims a boy's head as his father ignores his antics.

Sharp runs this barbering salon and says he's been in business since 1995. Prosperity Barber Salon is famous because politicians, media personalities and celebrities come in frequently to get their hair trimmed. Clients he says include Patrick, namely, the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.

So what is so special about this place? The name of cause, Prosperity. And as for Patrick, Sharp keeps to his profession with some small talk as the Security Service keeps an eye through those unusual dark oval windows. Who knows what is discussed behind closed doors besides being # one.

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Booklyn said...

Dear Bookman

The books, graphitti and street culture you've documented looks vital and engaging to me. If you have books of more of this we would love to distribute them in the USA.

Check us out and get back to me, Marshall Weber, Booklyn, (an artists run organization)



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