Sunday, May 23, 2010

Howard Hughes's Temptation of Will


Howard Hughes' biplane

In this study of Howard Hughes I have many crashes, the upper wing toppled, the twine snapped, the wheels and axle broke apart, the engine casing collapsed. Was this an omen? Was I seeing my fate? After all this was a troubled man, a true visionary testing his ability to conqueror something other than his well being

This at the very least was a playboy, I felt it immediately. In the feinin, "I saw it in his smile, and with his disposition. This was a man who had it all. In possibilities and tragedies. An extraordinaire who took giant leaps to free himself from the (peasants). A triumph of will, a beautiful spirit who overcame the monotony of time, alone. - Jealous, shameful people, take it bastards."


So there it is, my end, alone, tired, frighten and ashamed of myself, I ended my life


safespaces said...

The plane is quite beautiful. It actually feels huge because of the negative space.

Elspeth said...

May you rest in peace, Bookmann.

aciclovir compresse said...

About what this post?

safespaces said...

You have arrived at the site that represents a rich body of work by the Artist Richard Bolai (The Bookmann) The Bookmann and I, Adele Todd worked together on this site during its inception until his death in 2010. We did everything together except take the pictures that you see here. That was all The Bookmann. We would discuss current events, Artists, Architects, Designers who interested us, and the folklore and culture of our island, Trinidad and Tobago. This particular entry focused on the fact that Leonardo Di Caprio starred in a movie about the famous billionaire, and The Bookmann and I discussed it at length and decided that it would be thought provoking to interpret it. Part of The Bookmann's process with me was to literally put ourselves into the mind of the person. Thus the language of what Mr.Hughes may have attempted to do when he was involved in Aviation. Thank you for the interest in the work of my partner and dearest friend. He would be so pleased to know that as we expected, his work lives on.


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