Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Don't drink nuts and drive

A Bobo Shantis selling Haile Selassie I nuts on de road

Ras, dis Lady Hochoy baked " Special" nuts salty and sweet nice make from God's retarded children in all he glory from dem bad-mind parent who make dem so. Eh, ras, bumbaclot, ah ask yuh to clean meh windshield wit yuh hairnet?"

What to look for

1. A busy six lain highway
2. A well groomed man covering his rasta with a wrap
3. Bags of nuts and cashews

As I was doing this study, a man came to gate selling pies and drinks from a larger cooler which he carried on a hand trolley. With another work, the Jehovah Witness came canvasing, I could not move, as my face was covered iwith black paint

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