Thursday, May 06, 2010

Shroud of Turin

A cloth covering a hoax

In this study of the Shroud of Turin, I covered myself with a dye to represent blood

In the Feinin; Here, in this position, I found myself faced with a certain truth, but also a lie. Beneath this shroud there was a leper, a man cased off, wrapped in linen and preserved. It came to no surprise. Alone, mastermind, cure, redundant, tremble* (28/03/09

The stain

Addendum: It should be noted that this study was produced before the new evidence was uncovered over the Shroud of Turin in October, 2009


Pinpearls38 said...

Im sorry to say that you did not correctly carry out this experiement, since jesus had blood marks coming out of the wounds from him being whipped, not just pouring blood all over him since the blood would only come from the wounds and make a patteren because of that if you look at the shroud you can tell the whip marks go across his body not just a pool of blood.

Anonymous said...

Your laying on the linen incorrectly.
Your head should be on the fold, not your feet. Also the carbon dating you hyper linked was discovered corrupt since it was taken from fibers that were sewn into the original linen after the fire of the 15th century...nice try but no prize.


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