Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feinin at Museum of Contemporary Art LA STORE

Peter is only young nuts I have, jelly just finish, dat shark and bake looking good, yuh buy it by meh nephew Richard's again. Whey, where yuh get dat? Me just make ah LA and buy de same beach towel, now to find dem selling it here in ah stall I here yuh just set up by de look out. You into counterfeit or what... stueps...*

This luxurious cotton beach towel measures a staggering 60 × 70 inches and features the work of Scottish painter Peter Doig. Peter is a contemporary artist who uses memory and his Kodak Instamatic as a canvas device. This beautiful beach towel features his recognizable," Me bading at Blue Basin, de watar cold as ice"; it is a re-occurring theme in his paintings.

Artists towels are it, in contemporary Art

Produced by the Maracas Coconut Vendors Association, M.C.V.A. which funds the Save the Artists Towels Series, 2010*. The collection is part of W.H.E.Y, a commercial venture to sell more of Peter from off the walls, and onto your body, absorbing water from every hidden crevice.

Drip dry, image does not run unless bleached

Regular Price: $600.00 TT
Member Price: 10 % off

The Muse of Contemporary Art LA STORE
After Peter Doig Beach Towel * Note the errors on their website

Just a reminder that I wet my body for this parody, unfortunately the camera did not pick up.

"Whey" a Trinidadian idiom that describes awe

" Stuep," a physical sound produce between the lips that expresses astonishment or unwanted surprise

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