Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vogue May issue 2010

Bridle Issue, Sex and the Saddle

Jessica Parker Stable graces the cover of VOID, known for her role as a columnist writer, she has an addiction for shoes under the pretense of her television character, Carrie Brandshaw. Stable’s famous beauty mark is her increasing vanishing mole

In an email I received this morning, my dear friend, Adele Todd surprised me with an letter which she had sent to the editor of Vogue;

" talkingback@vogue.com Subject: re:The Body Eccentric To whom it may concern, I am an artist from the Caribbean who only gets to read Art Forum when I travel. So when I saw the article on The Body Eclectic, I snapped up the magazine. I always do when you have writings on artists. I was very pleased to read about the artists covered, but wanted to add someone to your list who would be so worthy, but is unknown because he works in Trinidad. Do check out his innovative work on his blog, thebookmann.blogspot.com Thank you and keep up the great articles. Much regards, Adele Todd"

Vogue replied; " VOGUE Letter to the Editor Hi there, Thank you for taking the time to send a letter to VOGUE. After careful consideration, we have decided that we'd like to publish your letter in our Talking Back section. Please confirm the following as soon as possible to facilitate your letter's publication: The spelling of your name as you'd like it printes Your town That you give us your permission to publish the letter Thank you for your time, Molly -- Molly Creeden VOGUE 4 Times Square New York, NY 10036"

Jessica Parker Stable’s shoe addiction

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Anonymous said...

Is this the premier issue? (lol)


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