Friday, February 12, 2010

Dame Lorraine - Rachel Pringle

Dame Lorraine, Rachel Pringle of Barbados

The Barbadian beauty woes, break* in their pants. She releases her merkin belt, Canadian Newfoundlanders ** arrive at the Puerto de EspaƱa docks...

The black Marilyn Monroe Lorraine

Rachel: "If dat tuna fish whore feel because she sleep wit John Focking K feel she have ting on meh, well meh sweet sugar cane juice and vat rum make meh flat land owner nearly give way CANADA for we black molasses whiplash syrup dem Jah make ca make meh so breed in Bajan prime pollock".

One of the many portraits of Pringle

In the Dame Lorraine studies, I had encountered many compounded problems keeping all together the elements of the costume, this was a parody of Rachel Pringle, but the studies look much like Chris Ofilli's portraits. Regardless of the outcome, I need assistance in these types of parodies where I am unable to see correctly, there were details that went array.

* Cum
** Canadian Atlantic cod


Anonymous said...

You have outdone yourself. Excellent work.

Anonymous said...

Petty racist nonsense from a small-minded twerp.


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