Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cézanne's model

The first study of Paul Cézanne which there are flaws, yet I found his disposition as a fiery fighter. Cézanne marked his territory regardless of his friendship with other impressionist painters, he despised Gauguin.

After Louis-Auguste Cézanne, Reading
and Renoir's young girl at the piano

In Pierre-Auguste Renior, the facial posture and buttocks and small of the back was necessary to accentuate the likeness of his (female) nudes, however in this portrait the bust statue out vision. The photograph is over exposed. The cloth that rests on the chair may be as old of Renior's paintings. It should be noted that these were long exposures that exceeded 10 seconds. Renoir deemed himself as a private individual, his devotion to beauty is kept in secret.

Paying attention to the tilt of the hat and the subject's glare at the painter

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Anonymous said...

Excellent work. I love the painterly quality of the concept. You even get a sense of the artist within period. In a way it shows a greater depth than the works themselves.


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