Friday, January 01, 2010

Sylvie Fleury's Candy

After Sylvie.Fleury's First spaceship to Venus (pack my heels)

I very much like Fleury's rocket installations, perhaps it brings up memories of my childhood and that of a toy rocket that could be propelled into the air by using water pressure. I also had a bird that mechanically flew based on Leonardo da Vinci.
Sylvie Fleury compared to Sarah Lucas shows difference, as Fleury focuses on her inner masculine ambitions but she concocts herself as the typical prostitute, her large chewing gum sculpture is really disgusting, I wished she had it installed it clawing off a large glass building in Singapore. Her fur rockets should have been made from clear plexiglass. We want to see what's inside these vessels. A fur bed, a fur stove, all the amenities. Look its Sylvie, she's cleaning her window with a windshield wiper....

I'll take the ride after Sylvie Fleury

"Ribbit says the frog" After Fleury's Dog Toy 4

Fleury's Blazing Afterburner after Meret Oppenheim, Object. 1936. Meret Oppenheim is responsible for engaging fur with class

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