Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Picasso revisits, Damn Schiller coughs

After "Blind Man's Meal", 1903. Now, what, does it matter, his work above mine? Picasso came to remind me. "Artists love posing with other masters..lots of admiration up here, Feinin"

The fluidity of his brush, clean, without thinking. Of course, motivate by his prowess, vigor in gyrating in me, three thrusts for the sake of you Schiller, you see, eternal we beings are, forever eternal.

Without thinking a photographic composition of "Blind's Man Meal"

Just for amusement, say Pablo Picasso with any other artists in one breath. Does it ring true? Picasso and
Lucian Freud perhaps, Picasso and Picasso.

Man in Sorrow

Let him decide whose greater. When the German sang, his voice softly, " May his pharaoh weep for man's trust, da Vinci cast his spell, thou needeth drink from the memory of God."

I saw you fight over me, you loved the painting it was not true, Schiller first slept, his mind too weak, his heart overcome by euphoria. listen, live beyond the means that faces thee, truth, voyage, alone, love only me, Feinin has returned dead forever.

Many contemporary artists assume that a simplified drawing of a figure could be
compared with a Picasso. They are diminished in fact by his acute understanding of the human anatomy. The beauty of his work is the compassion granted for the subjects. As for Blind Man's Meal" this painting is emotional because of the manner in which you see the blind man's hands search for the jug, his somnolent look and his sunken chest. I like this period because of its somberness like "Old Man in Sorrow" by Vincent Van Gogh. There Picasso. I like this period because of its somberness like “Old Man in Sorrow” by Vincent Van Gogh. There Picasso. Picasso’s brilliance was his ability to mask techniques from his contemporaries. He knew how important combining theirs to his could achieve.

On a whim, Pablo Picasso returned to earth wondering what art movements had developed since 1973. So he went window shopping with a bag to nip a few if no one noticed. To his surprise, the sculptures were heavy and clunky until he saw the tank. His bag dropped at once, there standing a monument of a fish submerged into a large aqua swimming pool. He entered the gallery and asked the gallery attendant, "Madam, I see there is a large aquarium, what is its price in Lira?" The attendant quickly left to discuss the exchange with her curator and that the Great Picasso finally wanted to buy something. Pablo looked left to right,then, he tested the temperature and jumped into the aquarium stark nude pretending to be the fish. When the attendant returned, she screamed, " What da Merde is this fish doing on the floor."

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