Monday, December 14, 2009

Leonardo da Vinci' head by permission

The pharaoh thought of Schiller, he warned that history could bend the truth, obedience

Am I mocking or comparing, neither, I looking into his heart and hooked nose.

Let them weep, sit alone, think alone, fight the temptations, the ills, the rude men that keeps you petrified from exploring man's gift. God, about me, rings the bells, searching my draws, I have hidden so much from you. Time, kept still my foe, I am here silently by your side, your eyes too weak.... Tis, measure him too in the kingdom we all reside, fame

After Leonardo da Vinci

What I observed over this drawing was the detail of the peasant's hair and the manner in which Leonardo da Vinci drew the curl as it flipped over the ear. There was also much detail in the iris , the protruding mouth and the jowls. The shadows are thatched. His subject's posture, treated as a parody and da Vinci's understanding of him, a regal man and friend. " You stand forever in thee, Lord, how name him peasant? I know him well"

pharaoh, you know we too weep for I see his hand


God had granted Leonardo da Vinc any wish for what he had achieved on earth. He then asked if his invention that of the flying bird ever took off? God said yes, its because of your ingenious mind and returned him to earth. There he was greeted by the American president, Barack Obama who graciously allowed him on board his flying bird, Air Force 1. da Vinci did not question this America, he though of Amerigo Vespucci, but agreed it had something to do with Italy.

Flying over Paris, France, the pilots allowed the inventor to sit next to them as they explained the apparatus. Leonardo still excited over his return, saw a red knob. As a painter, he remembered that red was symbolic, royal, encompassing of beauty and intrigue, measuring the spectrum. Red was a rose he surmised and pushed it down expecting some sort of musical foot puppet.

da Vinci's posture soon after he pressed the red button

The barraged of sirens and warning lights and Mr. Obama's white look did not phase him as from the windscreen he could see a display of large fireworks igniting the sky in sequence, like a parade. The entire planet looked to celebrate his invention, the flying bird. "Wow, this is spectacular, my mother would be so proud".

When da Vinci returned, God shook his hand and said, "You see what you have done with that stupid flying bird of yours, now go to your room, switch off your oil lamp and kneel, get your book buried under the tree in..................and begin to pray, "There is only one God but me", God shouted. Then cried, " Why Leonardo, do you have plans to conquer thee?"

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