Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Martin Parr seeks Trinidad Carnival

Doc Martin after Martin Parr Common Sense (Cup of Tea)

Second test shot of the Doc Martin limbo dancer sponsored by four empty Carib bottles and by Gap, pockets on the outside, empty, what a lovely cup of tea....

Martin Parr is a British Internationally established photographer whose work stems from documenting and capturing the peculiarity of old English in their customs and manner. His photographs are of details, an aristocrat's brim hat, a beach chair, all that is Britannia to his own amusement, like Miss Slocombe's attire, as she escapes Grace Brothers' false fire alarm clinging onto the Union Jack and sliding down thus exposing her nickers, all tied in a bun. There is your opportunity Mr. Parr, a close detail and her real pussy.

" Mr. Parr, how dare you look up my dress with your zoom lens, Miss Brahms arrest that man down there at once, and we are both unanimous at this!"

Whether his subjects are aware of his presents, it appears intrusive. His plan is already set, " Look for dem red skin midget wit plenty gold teet".

In the process of parodying Martin Parr's tea cup and mishap, I take revenge

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