Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gregor Schneider's dying person in a museum

After Gregor Schneider's "Man With Cock"

The Saatchi Gallery describes Gregor Schneider as one who subverts reality to expose an unease with the ordinary. Transforming houses into doppelganger replicas and transporting entire rooms from site to site.

Man with Cock encapsulates a sense of banal terror. The sculpture is chilling in its prosaicness, its gruesome subject reduced to mere objecthood The most disturbing aspect of Man Cock* is the psychological implications: head shrouded in black plastic and trousers bulging, Schneider alludes to an unconscious realm where perversion and death is his ultimate seduction.

Schneider’s also proposed to exhibit a dying person in a museum for the purpose of notoriety. His dying man installation would allow a death seen, the victim hopelessly unaware. Gregor Schneider has a deeper fascination, this sculpture plays on the aspect of living with a corpse. “My aim is to show the beauty of death”, he says, “There is nothing perverse about a dying person in an art gallery”

* Termed as terminal erection

How to make this installation
One black heavy-duty garbage bag
One pillow and blanket
Three socks
One shirt
One pair of long johns
One used toilet paper roll
One art volunteer

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