Monday, August 10, 2009

The mind, matter and the book of knowledge

The Tomb of Grief

During the night, Feinin woke to complete his piece. Feinin had a love for him, he wanted to know how these ingenious masterworks got made. Michelangelo himself kissed him, he kissed the chamber where Friedrich slept. You are greater by a stroke, never search for answers when answers are here between you thumb. In the work, it seemed difficult as it was to show Angelo at the head of a white stone measuring and scaling the human body of a peasant.

Feinin thinks simply, his mind is pure thought but it can erupt so strongly that you can smell something burning in his brain. Feinin saw himself as a white eagle. As he drifted and banked across the sky, he remembered himself as a servant asleep. The door which closed, opened another. He was trusting no one.

Why? why? God approached him, she was divine. In this time of essence, I pray over things you failed to grasp. Life isn't about work, sex, things of gratitude, but a dream. Keep still, play your cards in rows of twos. I am you.

Feinin wrote these sayings down, he found his most treasured book and opened it. Where he lay was in the Tomb of Grief. He seized the opportunity. God looked and began to wonder. Why does he always race time by?

In the Tome of Grief, Feinin gave reflection to his life, he looked at it from a ledge as a bat clinging to something. He saw himself in opposite. The bat's ears flinched, it adjusted the angle best to tune in the frequency. Never gave money because money separates me.

Feinin wanted answers, he looked like Cornbird man. He felt cheated and robbed by a man in coward's sheets. Feinin spoke, No, you can't get away from what I gave in trust, Its time servant to bring all that you have stolen, in CASH. Feinin thought about his Artbooks, he was wary of people stealing from him by word of mouth. He spoke, Never you take advantage again, let them seek me out. Feinin gained strength, he used the whisper of greed to expel its grip. It was that of God's nose and between the chewing gum. Feller, start returning the items, find all the plugs you took, put it a bag/box and place it near the place of stay. No, give no thought otherwise, Choose this to release your pain, A car, a friend indeed, go back in time before you broke the laws of Jerusalem.* This included a bike. God measured this in truth, she fell over tumbling and scattering like leaves blown by an autumn wind.

As the bat, Feinin looked around him, he cocked his head back and forth. Why God did you bring me to this earth, when you knew who much I resisted? God said nothing, she gently bowed in grace of a King to be.

*Arguable one of the greatest biblical tale with a certain truth. A man, a mountain, a river, and village. Surmised over the centuries, a token of appreciation, a joyous reminder that belief can live with any fool, a ghastly hideous mirror. Over time remember him, Jacob, (Issachar), hymns preached to God, his true name unknown until unearthed. shepherds walk, keep avail in the distance, two Gods fight over me, I tell you some time in the future. Repent, Solomon, poetry, open sea (salt), creation of truths

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