Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meh Kiss Cake Business card

Madam, Grace, Holy, Swar and Feinin share a Kiss Cake

Madam, Grace, Holy, Swar, dis is de best piece of art ah see in five centuries. It have everyting to hang in yuh house. All yuh need is a big tick nail and hammer to pound it in. Yuh husband, Gandhara Ga, de Eight Hundredth go like it bad. Yuh dough need dem expensive $5,000 dollar fake maco frame, when it fall and break soon after yuh hang it, dem does say sorry.

Art in Trinidad pretty eh, is Coconut tree, man badeing, Car-ne-vale picture wit brown skin women wit one feddar and dem stinking black oily blue Devil, de one ah see yuh bending down wit last Monday in yuh red pom, pom shorts wit de big sign writing between. Jook here hard. I does wonder when dem paint vagrant on bench, waterfall, man with umbrella, old run down house wit bush snake and half naked children running in latrine den drinking nasty barrel water. Ah wonder if dem does or want to live like dat?

It go be jokie to see paintings of dem living in big high house, have big TV screen, Mercedes car, twenty wheel truck, surfboard or dem on plane flying to countries I never see because you is one of dem Diplomat living in house ten time bigger dan yuh one room in Lond-don. Or yuh friends who does take we faddar land and building high and feel dem own we. Allyuh does work hard on yuh yardboy here or go fete twelve time a week. Madam, Grace, Holy, Swar seeing does carry or see in it does vex mehmeh Maracas and Toco beach paint pretty when dem wipe out all dem stink garbage demde snap.

Oh lawd, ah eh tell yeh when I visit to big Art-tist show in Small University, lady is whatless in dis place we. I see ting me eh understand, ah say were de manual to read, is like dem VCR yuh remember, yuh have to press ten thousand button to set de time.

Madam, Grace, Holy, Swar is the fifth wife of Gandhara Ga, de Eight Hundredth

Between you and I, ah go share meh last creamy Kiss Cake, just tink back when dem oily red, white and black devil, lick up between and get at de cream as dey brush yuh down in de canal. Just now I hear dem big star jealousing meh Feinin Art. I know de boldface stealing so dem ca have meh gold between dem teet, Dem feel I go lie down so? Is cutlass all de way to meh bank. Madam, Grace, Holy, Swar, look, take meh Kiss Cake card, all meh billion art-tist fighting over meh thoughts, is Trinidad and Tobago I is from. Hello, yuh forget to give meh ticket or what?

Note: The Kiss Cake cream cake is packaged with a thin white card that can be suitable as a call card in an emergency, providing you use a felt pen

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