Friday, August 07, 2009

The book of lies - If so tell me why

Gulliver, the vessel and God*

Gulliver played along as he sat on the heart, the dolphin giggled with joy because she knew he was ticking her with love. The book which he held seemed torn, and the manuscripts left an impression on his finger tips.
This is a Bible, Gods said. Gulliver seemed less concerned, he turned a leaf and remembered the prophet in the car. God this time took in a large breath of air, he bellowed once more, Gulliver, stop trying to shame me, it is a, God took a cloud and wiped his brow. The lines of worry set in.

From the outside, a storm approached, the albino dolphin curved her fin to protect her calf. The vessel rocked, tapping side to side. It rolled as waves swallowed it then lifted it high above the seas. The suitcase inside slid down, it jammed between a plank and ripped a hole in its casing. The chain rattled over the side.

Money, my servant is a gift to you for they watch in (undefined) by the words and illustrations you bring. It is not fair to sleep under such roses.......My lord, he is a Jew

On Gulliver's finger tips, the had left a deep impression in reverse. He glanced at the words, Free him, thou shall not steal between thee. Gulliver was rude, he ripped the manuscript page and folded it diagonally at its sides. It looked like a tent, then he placed it in his left index finger and it spun around with his right.

As he bathed, Gulliver felt a jolt at his ankle, this woke him immediately from his dream. He opened his eyes to see the dolphin protecting her offspring and the boat thirty feet high precariously rocking by the rage of the storm, It could topple over at any moment and toss over the suitcase, magic scroll and jewels. This would mean the end of everything, and he would then drown.

Gulliver knew he had to act, he pulled on the chain to reach the vessel, he used he strength to get on board. His clothes were wet, the suitcase looked damaged. He took control of the oar, he glanced at the woman's bottom on the beach,and then looked forward for directions. He navigated the vessel along where God's friendship in hand led the way. As the storm raced over his head and headed towards the beach. The lighting struck, Enough of your terror, shame on thee. The woman grabbed a newspaper, covered her head, and pelted inside for cover.

The hand of God is that of a beckon of white light, it glows in all directions, to find it one was believed in justice, as the core of man sits within him

* Soon after this work was completed, his mind became silent, for a moment, he could not speak English, Feinin died.

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