Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tiara thinks of Anferneeta's future

Feinin as Kara Walker getting her hair done

Shanice, dem people who feel dey big and white paying meh entire fortnight salary to see ah action romance with inclusive, stale hot dog and flat sweet drink. Ah time, I nearly meet meh grandmuddar crossing de Off Shore dodging racing car, maxi and truck. Ah say nah, I supporting meh local dealer on every traffic light corner. I just finish see Harry Potter, Transformers, Micheal Jackson unrelease and dem Nigerian soap opera golden collection.

Meh child train now to know more about sex, violence and crime than anyting in book I ca read. DVD is a blessing oui. Back den, meh muddar use to sun meh to go play hopscotch wit meh neigbour, but pull back when she find out dem is Johovian. She tell meh, Tiara, if you feel you going to give out Watchtower in de square and shame meh, is belt and grater on yeh knee yuh getting.

Times better now, she have plenty faith to choose from. Dat remind meh, yuh ain't borrow meh big Bible? I can't find meh Sue sue hand. Oh
Johovian, I ca throw way all dem unless Caribbean Reader collecting dust and termites and play day long DVDs for little Anferneeta, feed she well wit a pack of Holiday’s Corn Curls and Chuby Champaign so have time to do meh hair and nail.

Shanice, read dis new release for meh, dem word too hard, Bar what or bam eh. Colene, here, see if Miss Betsy done mop de floor downstairs and ask she what dis say. Tiara, it go take a 24 hours to relax yuh hair, meh boy Jackson bringing back the Jheri curl style, you is de first, chile. When man see yuh wit dat on de street, is moonwalking yes.

Terms: Sue sue, a form of small member banking

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