Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sweat Rice - Hook for life fellas

In Caribbean rituals and spells, Sweat Rice is a local custom given to describe the preparation of a love potion which will allow a woman to trap her lover. Before hand, your future wife had cooked a pot of rice where at the later stages of it being thoroughly cooked, she removed her garment and squatted over the iron pot causing the steam to condense on the her skin and deep between her crotch. Any sweat occurring from enchanting brew simply drops back into the pot of rice. Not a drop is wasted. The secretion is well mixed in and a pinch of salt is added to camouflage the sweet pheromone taste. Men are suspicious creatures. Sensing any off putting taste, he would politely ask you for a glass of water, and when you return from the kitchen, all you'll see your plate of rice on the floor, a gate squeaking and a car burning rubber.

When it is served to her unexpected future husband, he can't resist the plate of rice, licking every grain up and off the floor. Caught, he'll be her mate for the rest of his natural life. The rice should be served to the specimen for three or four days without a break.
It works, no joke brothers, be very wary of a lover too anxious to offer you a plate of steamy salty rice and chicken. - Baby yuh want more....

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