Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Own the World if he wants.....

Tell me, what you remember of your life?

Feinin preserved in formaldehyde for prosperity - Superimposed, Damien Hirst's Golden Calf c. 2008

Its not what one thinks, own the world?, its what one accomplishes in (his) life time. I can tell you if you are capable of remembering who we are. Strangers love you because they are not you. You are weak at moments you should rule over your destiny. Think over what you read, player over the tapes in your mind. I known them by heart if you own the world what would your life be like. Think, think rehearse the message. I live to become
Great, never depute this word.

Challenge no one, take words and play a tune called determination of the self. Raise the stakes, find purpose while you ponder this, Own the World, if he wants. Its never too late to start and finish what you aspire to be. I know it seems impossible at the moment but remember you like it, it something you dread. Picture perfect of yourself crying over dreams invisible to all. Tell them who you are, Its never to late, God is waiting, tell him to his face, Own the World, if he wants.....Begin here,ts not about the world, its about the gift.

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