Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wonderful wonderful - Stay back brothers

I sat for a moment thinking if this was the right decision. I was doubtful that what my intentions meant that my cock a doodle do shriveled up under its skin. I was playing a game for my self -regret, my careless rebuttal in the presence of Cornbird man. Laugh no more at his henish ways, flog over his skin so feeble, so inept. He can't more from here, Take it like a man, she said.

So pristine, this energy I know you are not afraid because I see it all though you eyes. Tell me a story of triumph. Give me a sweet sugary cock as I can get off this planet

Say cheez, Snap. A difficult position as I find myself trying to talk some common sense into you. I got all naked for you, I pulled the draws off and though, ok, let me show them what my balls look like, well hidden in the pubic hairs of a fashion model. Yum. I am afraid it no constellation to the real thing. I lost searching for a hole deep, wet and clean. You go for it, I'm sick of being careless. Its so easy to jump in bareback. I've done it a few times with some concern.

Oh brother, he's hilarious, he's shameless at the calling. I want to kick him over to side. I want to tie his spreken sie deutsch to a post and fuck his heart out, once again.

Jesus, what wrong with you? I can't get it in anyway, so what the point of showing me. You don't like cock I see, you rather like to nestle you nose on it. Rubbing, blowing like Picasso's bull, touching what needs to be touched,
lapping it clean with beads of saliva. Moist, warm, pressing so gently that I cum all in my head. Just relax, my tongue wants a bit more of your manner, your business down there, your Fabergé egg. Let me feather its sweet taste. Blow, nip, devour.

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