Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gott made me too - Lover lets talk later

I gone over in the deep end and lost my footing

David Hockney - Feinin

Sit with me, begin you life as you see fit. I'm not going back, I'm never going to believe it anymore wading in water so blue. Lover, if ever shall you visit I'll be afraid to talk, afraid to listen to the news you bring. Never shall I court you, it over you see, I've turned my back on you.

The seas looked rough, the waves toppled over each other. I swam far into the ocean where I could see you standing beneath me, pulling at my feet, disrupting my equilibrium. I saw you German hitting my foot, crying inside, sobbing over my mistake to kill myself. It took no longer than a blink, I died in the arms of you. Forget over my mistakes, rejoice at my burial. Light a flame to distinguish all the sadness we encountered together. I can't trust myself to think it over, I not ready to face love without you.

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Pan-Jumbie.com said...

Did you know that all used soundtracks to Hockney's movie "A Bigger Splash" have been written by a Trini?

scroll down:


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