Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Damn you Friedrich, Damn you all

The Patty Hearst heist - Symbionese Liberation Army - Gerhard Richter - Feinin- Hermes

I got up this morning thinking about you. I was not happy because I felt you hurt me again. I am not trying to tell you what your purpose is but for God sake I need to know. Shit, this is what I did not care for. I can help myself but falling back to a place I really love, you.

Shame, Baby does not solve the things you hate, I'm going though it myself. Start thinking for yourself, begin to believe you are greater than all combined. Return to the place God wants you be be, with him, in him and of him. Let things past by. Today like any day other can't always bring joy.

I lying on the floor, bleeding from my soul. It tires me to think I am Schiller. I really tired fighting to believe, it getting me nowhere. I not ashamed of telling the truth. I love him, he real, I just tired.

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