Monday, June 29, 2009

Rise 'n' Shine it ain't your time

Feinin-Hermes - Wake up, stay alert

So there, you got to make up and kiss for what you did last night. That's a whole lot of shit posing dead in your garden. But I can empathize because it freaking true. So you're back, I know everything about you, your ventures in the afterlife, on earth as in heaven shit. Love, that ain't it, money, sweet as it comes baby, self worth, only if you stop and tell us what matters, We have the all the goods on you, Baby, Schiller ain't causing you pain. Its death working a stick at you back, poking your heart, saying you love what you already know, Fame, ha, literature, well good, money, power, rent me another, shit he's too fearful of his words.

No, I remember something else, I saw in his eyes. He's different, reckless with his mind, he can't think beyond reality. He's too hurt at the moment..... Wake up, stay alert, rise 'n' shine it ain't your time

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