Sunday, June 28, 2009

Never say never - Brother

This looks like a shocker, I don't look at all happy. What's wrong with it? I suppose he playing a little game of death. Oh boy, not close by where I can see him stiff. Brilliant, Schiller should be host now. What a way to go, sexless, betrayed, loved tremendously. By whom? Women? I can't take seeing this sight, its makes me want to help. If only I knew how. I really need help brother, I can't sit by and what this event. I'm not alone, You've got to say whats bothering you. I will help so help my God.

Dear coward,

I am fine as you know, nothing wrong with me, I just working on a series of studies. I know it been a weird time. I was hoping for some help but I see you are arranging, changing around things and destroying what we had together as brothers. I remember nobody now, I care less to seek attention as before. These works are prefect because they are Schiller disguised, dreaming of worth, fame, family.

Ah, now I see, its just a repeat, its the same thing over and over again until I believe I am Friedrich, he wants this....Its a major part of why I suffer

There there, there, Fake you know nothing about life, you pretend to serve a purpose, but all you do is shit, fuck and talk on the phone. Answer him, " What up, hey lets get together, bring money, I'll spent it faster than lighting. Dude hit me a five".

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