Sunday, June 28, 2009


Feinin-Hermes - Golden leg

This ain't no joke sister, I can't hold it in for much longer, my juice needs squeezing and you look like the perfect candidate to pulp my Sunbeam. I ain't lazy with it cause I've taught it well. It knows the grooves, it likes to keep sugary company all day in a moist wrap.

No, it ain't happening Sir, I ain't no experiment. My pussy can't ah-commo-date a Pirate stump...

Bitch, BITCH slow down, I'm gentle as a JOHNSON'S BABY.... I ain't going to slit you apart, I ain't going to saw you in two like a Las Vag magician, I don't believe in leaving a permanent, I'm not into a psychological, thats ain't my style, kinda. My middle going to take you to the Moon First Class. Your skank says it needs some ex-o-cise, I see its trying to t-a-l-k a classic 1958 Fly ...." Help me, help me, you, out there, give me some toe touching cuntstring stretch".

Easy, big breaths, don't fight it gravy train, I'm just at the front door. Sister, sss-sister there it goes, monster looking to hit a cave....Check the second draw, ain't those Bibles handy to bite on. A's woman, fuc...king A's. See how fast you learn. Bitch don't go crazy now with a Micheal remembrance, I ain't need a customized k├╝che, stay home garden, you ain't want other brothers drowning in an outstretched elastic band.

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