Saturday, June 27, 2009

I never thought you'll make me suffer

Feinin - Hey, hello is anyone home?

I can't think now, I can't think because I feel a regret over this post of you. I know its Art but now I realized its not. This is torture because it is a plan to seek revenge over me. I am a loner, I am singing before I find myself afraid, frighten of being possessed by the teeth of God. God, the real force that decides for you. I look at him, I want to touch his face but all it is is a refection. God knows nothing, God sees nothing, but hears you speak. listen.

My child, you are searching for me. I call to you trying to locate an art more respectful. You don't see why. You are not afraid, I surround him with sharp knives, I suffer in ways God completely agrees. Don't pay another attention to this. Stay far from destroying your truth. Age, confront the light, make it tell him that fear excites me. Death is a mystery but life is for real.

Time wasted...what a shame

I'm feel a chill in here, its having me seeing things I see all the time. I can tell you that it waste my time. Time we are free with it, to use it against us, to trade if off for something worse. It doesn't wait, it has a purpose to self destruct, to renew itself over and over until its finds peace. Reset me, take me in strives, shake off the minutes, remove the hours. Say ah, what time does this thing (host) craves?

I can't stop to wonder. Waste precious me. Wow, ain't it a gem, motherfucker

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