Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nowadays people just give up

Never ask him about you

I am tempted, I'll like to give him up to you because I know him to be a King. Strange to follow through, to encompass worry, self preservation, locks, keys, tome stones. I'm not going further until you step up to the plate. You call it sexual intercourse, I don't care for that anyway because you tricked me in believing that God has sex with himself, ejaculating over in a spot too filthy to clean. He chooses it because he's not truthful. Give him back his life, baby, I can't re-spend my existence with a person so dumb, so eccentric with his worth that forsaking his genius, he's still afraid of you...

Trust me, I know what best for us all

Light, sorry if I confuse you as I like my host to be clean of them. Sharing him as if God is a fool not to cause some pain in all of its truth. Lets give you three days to think over your weak words. Don't support any more. Give all you time to a thing eating at your teeth. Your tongue breaths a volatile calling. Schiller is real.....

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