Friday, June 12, 2009

I told you so - He's so fake

Baby, what going on? I running after his dream. Its almost at the edge of a cliff so steep that I am slipping into the earth trying to grasp it. What you see is what you get, ho. At the top, I know that I can't go any further, I feel as if I am grieving over a grave, I am not sure to whom.

I remember, I know him, he's greatly admired. Someone is telling him not to speak. Be-grieved. Wait, I can talk now. What about the German? He is destine to intervene.You little Devil, you sorry for a life. What do you want? I haven't have time today because you slapped my face this morning. The coffee pot got burnt. I sorry father if I deceived you because... (shut up, shut up)

Don't you follow orders? Did you disobey his command? Sleep, fuck, spray your cum all over me in every crevice. Top me twice, I am sweating bullets... I bleeding from my gut, alone, frighten, scared of what is to be next. Next life as I known it. A painter, a coward, a supreme being, a childless man trying to give me a second chance. I don't know, I can't decide right at this minute, I too terrified to think that only you can free him

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