Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pilgrimage to Mount Saint Benedict

After, we go pass in for some dead

The bell tower at the Abbey of Our Lady of Exile, known as the Benedictine abbey located in north Trinidad. The This Benedictine Monastic community is the largest and oldest in the Caribbean and was founded in 1912, by an order of monks from Brazil, after the Order of St Benedict of Italy. Mount Saint Benedict is prized for their home cultured yogurt.

The core of the Christian faith, the crucification of Jesus of Nazareth, Mount Saint Benedict, St. Augustine, St. Augustine, Trinidad.

Homage to the Virgin Mary

Just outside of this Abby, a red sedan was idling. Through the tinted windows, a couple could been seen courting. The man kept revving the engine as both lovers focused on the pleasures of fresh love consummated at this sacred site. A lover's lane to bring your girlfriend to a place that reveals a panoramic vista of the Caroni plains. He hands on her cheek, her palm on his leg, St. Augustine, Trinidad.

Meaning: Dead - KFC

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