Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Silence - Suffer no more

Where I layth shall you remember me

Never trust anyone to do good. As far as I have remembered, don't get caught in the game, fast balls, quick runs, boundaries of sixes and fours. Still, I can't uncover my emotions, I've dug over the hole twice in my life. I am remembering the fond times, but I think it was not enough for me.

So I have to bring myself to begin a life more important to you. I can't stop because I have forgotten how to live. Alone, fearful, shame, diseased. You've caught me at a time where I would like to believe God, his presence is in me. Well, I can't say when, but I can't forgive him for not telling me his life, he dreams and hopes.

listen, I am shy at this, I can't just say what I really want from you. I've had my share of hard times, doubtful wishes to go something better with my life. My story is older than time recorded, I can't alway say the good things because without doubt life is no worth living.


Anonymous said...

I like this one very, very much - when I read "but I can't forgive him for not telling me his life, he dreams and hopes." I whispered at the screen..."you ARE His life, His dreams and hopes."

I follow you everyday. Many times I laugh out LOUD with surprise and wonder and my partner at his computer anticipates my answer in the affirmative to his question, "Bookmann again?".

This is serious play, some really tight looseness, this is communicative introversion, this is dancing in the foetal position...don't wake up from wanting to dream.

Bookspirit, He doesn't tell us His life, His dreams and hopes because He just wants to witness with wonder and surprise how we tell it to each other.

Anonymous said...

This is deeply awe that technology capture it! and shares it!


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