Friday, May 01, 2009

Kika Thorne - Remembering Series

Kika Thorne with her film camera, and "best shit-disturber in a supporting role" at some embryonic moment, Thorne mixed together love, sex, film and activism....Now Magazine, 2002

When last I saw Kika Thorne we met at Future Bakery on Bloor Street, Toronto in 2003. Kika in her college days was quite a radical student under her soft mannered British tone, and sweet smile. But beneath the veneer she was an exhibitionist, a sex goddess once portrayed in her many underground films. She was purported of recording herself engaging in sex with her lover in a bathtub. I never saw the screening, but I remember her fondly that day as we spoke in conversation. Her notebook, her talk of Victoria, British Columbia and I vaguely recall, the place known as the Artist mecca of Canada.

You never know the amount of strength it takes to respect yourself as an artist, Kika had in with her, I don't give a fuck attitude. I recall an incident that took place at my security desk with Elizabeth Pinter at OCA(D). A fellow acquaintance of hers took her life the day her final results were posted. So strange her terror, she threw all her paintings out a window then followed suit.

Here is a
Tibetan story she taught me; Think of a forest. Be very descriptive and detailed. Then, of a stream. After the stream, see yourself in an open meadow. In the distance you see a fence, walk to it and cross it the best way you can. Then look ahead.

The meaning:
The trees in the forest represents your parents, elders and any other things are your childhood

The stream is your sexuality.
The open field is how you presently feel
The barrier is your limitations
Beyond that is your future.

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