Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mark Hesselink - Remembering Series

Mark Hesselink, director of, The Fighter, 2006 View BookShort Feature

Before the Ontario College of Art and (Design) was renovated and expanded to have that structure suspended over the entrance, the hall which hosted Fund Raising events, held a bar and was the general Auditorium was the set stage of a film produced by Mark Hesselink. Mr. Hesselink was part of a reading student group who included, kika Thorne and Linda Watson. These meetings were to discuss Hal Foster's Anti-Aesthetic book on Post Modern essays. Mark, Kika and Linda where quite proficient readers of the thick, heavenly souped jargon and spoke it as if they knew what was deliberately meant,....hmm, Susan and myself thought otherwise.

Did I mention to you that I took part in the film as a railway worker, along with kika Thorne and David Finley. I remember the train tracks and his concept of the history of Chinese and other immigrants who built the foundation across the Great Canadian North. Funny to think so many years ago. I lost track of Mark Hesselink, the last time I heard he was a director of slick music videos, and quite involve with the trappings of the film industry.

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