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Linda Watson - Remembering Series

Linda Watson's Gulliver, a computer drawing and her new direction into the visual interface components at IBM

We are in a time of convergence between desktop and web based applications. Intuitively, we see that each has its own design language, related, but different. But what exactly are these differences?.......1. How and where do the conventions and best practices for web app design and desktop app design intersect? 2. Is there an identifiable design ethos for the web? 3. What are the criteria to be met by our interaction and visual design practices? 4. What if any design requirements are unique to the Eclipse context? 5. Are there general mapping rules to increase the fidelity of our Eclipse based web applications? 6. How do we, desktop designers, learn to “think” like web designers? - Excerpts by Kevin McGuire and Linda Watson, Eclipse Summit Europe, Gemany, 2008

Linda Watson along with Tom Benson where the first who people I met at the Ontario college of Art. She was an artist who was very proficient in drawings and for many years we roomed together in one of the apartments up Bathurst Street. We both worked in our rooms painting.

One evening we decided to order a pizza from those thirty minutes or its free places. Well, the Food Gods where on our side that day as the delivery man was late, give or take five minutes. When we answered the door together, we were calm but
fidgeting inside. From his expression, he knew that there was no dispute, and that he had to release the piping hot Pizza to us. At the moment the door closed behind him, we looked at each as grown adults and began to jumped up and down clapping and stamping our hands and feet in pure free bliss. I think is is one of the happiest moments in my life.

Linda Watson transcribed from the original Bookmann website from 2004

I make artwork which continues to explore the media and themes from my early 1990's exhibitions. This earlier work combined drawing, painting and computer-manipulated imagery to create layered, pictorial objects. The works drew on various themes, and experimented with contemporary forms of representation. I've always been fascinated by pictorial narration, such as that found in Medieval and Early Renaissance painting, in particular the work of Giotto.

Also, as a child, I first began drawing by tracing photographs from Life magazine (especially the horse in Marlborough ads).
So I find myself drawn towards art-making that resides in what is for me, a mysterious zone - where images from art history, mass media, and daydreams intersect, transforming one another. Where the possibility of meaning is suggested, but open to interpretation.

In 2002, I began making fully computer-based work, including drawings made with a Wacom digital tablet. I hope to continue in this vein, partly because it suits the kind of work I do. Before I formally studied art at college, I once fantasized about a more intimate way of making artwork available to people in their homes.
I imagined a small, word-of-mouth interest group amongst whom paintings and drawings were circulated. So I was attracted to the idea of making digital artwork that's available on the web, which might then find its way to a modest audience of home viewers.

Linda was friendly with artists such as Cathy Daley, and collaborated in Subway art ad campaign with Elizabeth McIntosh. Linda's former partner was the Trinidadian born, Canadian writer, André Alexis.I fondly address her as Linda P.Watson.

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