Friday, May 01, 2009

Indian Airbike shows wonders for the planet

Make up your dumb ass coolie mind, is it to better mankind or to destroy it?

A prototype of the future of transportation on the streets of Ludhiana, Punjab, India

This is a prototype of a motorcycle powered by compressed air. The 100 cc powered bike was designed by a group of four engineer students whose professor wanted them to design something that had never been done before, pollution free and to better the ordinary man. The Airbike does not run with a combustion engine, use petrol or diesel fuel, nor does it pollute by pumping out oxygen rather that carbon dioxide. The Airbike carries two tanks of air to power the machine. This is just the first stage which the group of engineers are working to improve the speed of the Airbike which putts around at 18 kilometers an hour.

Balbir Singh from the team said, "The bike can be used by the Defence personnel as the thermal radiation cameras cannot detect this making it safe for the Army. Also, the
engine of this bike can work underwater and breathe air from its storage tank
which in turn sucks it from the atmosphere."

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