Friday, May 01, 2009

Elizabeth Pinter and Roark Andrade - Remembering Series

Elizabeth Pinter and Roark Andrade, Front Street, Toronto, 1992

Elizabeth Pinter had a knack for fashion and also for Stevie Nicks in her code of dress and airiness. When she danced, she used to bob her head side to side showing off her blond hair. I remember when both Liz and Roake Andrade fell in love during one of our outings. Roark always held my hand in sampathy as we three would swing or skip along. This was to show his genuine love for me. At times when we worked together, we would test our physical strength in a sliding tug or I would danced to the tune of Cop Killer by Ice-T in the foyer of the Ontario College of Art cheered on by him. Roark introduced me to the independent comic works by Daniel Clowes, Fits like a Glove and Buddy, by Peter Bagge.

On one occasion while both Roark and I worked at the front security desk. A female photography student passed by, stopped, faced him directly and asked, you have such a beautiful face, can I take a photograph someday. Then, as she left, she turned to me and said,
and you too.....No doubt, Roark had a beautiful face with his thick long black hair. Yet he was flawed because if I pushed my hand in his face, he flinched.

In Elizabeth's home, she had two cats, Peanut, a scrawny ginger and a large fat one, Pebbles, I believe. She also was loyal to her craft of fashion which then were hats, accessories and clothing apparel as she still designs today. Peanut, Peeeanut

Elizabeth Pinter explaining her organic dress work

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