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Isabella Rossellini act of wonderful indecency - Green Porno

Its called Breading, Madonna

Isabella Rossilini has produced a series of educational short clips illustrating the mating habits of God's Creatures, Great and Small by playing both sexes in mammals, reptiles, arachnids and cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates as she explains how they procreate as her in the spotlight. This is the offspring of National Geographic and Sesame Street parents. The costumes are large paper sculptures and Isabella Rossilini portrays her character with a sense of humour, coyness and with a tingle of naughtiness and humanity. Then I die because we all have too, she laments with her Limpet shell hat made from pleated sheets of construction paper. This is after she proclaims, I the closest male to her body will become female, we are sequential hermaphrodites. Green Porno is really about the cycle of life produced beautifully and choreographed with a tactile quality.

The current series is part 2 produced by the Sundance Web channel as a form of public sex education which can't be objected to. Rossellini should look into the mating habits of Humans to pinpoint the idiographic behavior when they are in heat. Yet, her spider episode brings some truth to how some men view big powerful women.


A drawings copied from a wall painting 2001, Trinidad. Madame man eater and her web


The actress, model and famous daughter of Ingred Bergman, Isabella Rossilini has come up with the most beautiful and intelligent documentary series since the likes of Carl Sagan and Jacques Cousteau. She uses soft sculptures of all types, and discusses some extremely adult subject matter with great humor and sensibility. Not since "Sister Mary explains it all," have I seen such delightful short bits of information delivered with so much freshness and creativity. You can catch the shows on the
Sundance Channel. - Adele

The mating habits of a Whale and links to other creatures below

Why vagina
Praying Mantis

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Kathryn said...

She also has a Green Porno book coming out that will include an exclusive DVD of every episode from the entire series!


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