Saturday, May 02, 2009

Janet Bellotto - Remembering Series

Rich - churd

This is a portrait of Janet Bellotto. One of the fondest memories was when she said to me loosely, Richard, I hate it when my lover tells me, "
Your eyes, they are so lovely" and I just want to rip them out of the eye sockets as shove them in his mouth.... Janet indeed has lovely aqua coloured eyes, but Janet Bellotto's history is her mane of sandy brown hair. In one of her public performances, she retold a story of brushing her hair in sequential counts, when a clipper blared David Rudder's Trini to the bone behind her as she was counting the number of brush strokes.

Janet Bellotto canceled out by a passing sailboat, Harbour Front Toronto

These types of mishaps does not phase her because Ms. Bellotto has diligently worked at making her art no matter the circumstances, and completely on her own. In 2005, she was here in Trinidad to write about carnival complements of the National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago with free passes to all the events. What I love about her is her loyalty. She is currently in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Wave Interview with curator Kóan Jeff Baysa

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