Monday, March 09, 2009

Leiles kicks ass in Port of Spain

A purported Italian Leiles sprays up the capital, Trinidad, West Indies

This is one of the many works by a street graffiti artist who goes by the name, Leiles. The bubble gum typography means something, but to the layman on the street, the lettering is hard to decipher. Leiles may be sending a message to other local graffiti artists that this is the way in the professional graffiti world in technique and in speed. Unlike Louse's heaver renditions, Leiles has marked his territory with brightly coloured tones which are clean and his prolific aim to show what he can do in and about Port of Spain. He has also placed himself at the centre of a series of works done by Clinton Anthony Cummings. Clinton is one of the local street artists whose work has substance.

Leiles in Port of Spain, Trinidad

Addendum: A comment has clarified somewhat the spree of iconography by an graffiti artist tagged
as HOWOK. The artist has spent a couple years between France and Italy and the sub- signature leiles is actually the name of his girl friend. Case closed.


Anonymous said...

having spoken to the artist myself i will giv u sum info. his name/tag is howok. he spent a couple years between france an italy. i asked him wat leiles meant/was and he sed its simply the name of his girl friend. also i see sumone taking inspiration from howok and started to their own rendition saying kraze

Anonymous said...

i seeing sum new ones about d place. kraze i think it is

Samantha said...

There is soo much potential for this art... sadly, the public will only see it as vandalism


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