Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rockefeller and Clinton Anthony Cummings

ah showing at MOMA

Clinton Anthony Cummings' street painting on the arrival and discovery of Trinidad by Christopher Columbus in 1498

The globalist, David Rockefeller explains that the role of a museum should have, and foresee the identification of contemporary art which will evolve into future art movements. He stressed that his mother's intuition set the ground work for American modern art from the early part of twentieth century. The founder,
Abby Aldrich Rockefeller interest focused on emerging American artists. Established in 1928, the museum is considered as an influential gauge to modern art worldwide.

Cummings' work can be considered as visionary and his content is based on his christian upbringing. It is as Mr. Rockefeller conceded that the truth behind his upbringing was responsible for his taste in art which surrounded the very entity of his christian ethic. Clinton Anthony Cummings may very well look upon the Museum of Modern Art as a way to exhibit his work as they are an important conglomerate and collective essence of the role of art through the human experience of God, state and circumstances.

The process of Art Mr. Rockefeller explains is the highest form of creativity. Cummings shows that his inner intuition to express himself through these paintings should be appreciated from the layman to the professional alike. Whether any philanthropist are interested in his flight, only time will tell. Dream the impossible and the possible will reveal itself.

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